About Re: Archer

Join Sylpheed on her adventure in this anime-inspired fantasy idle RPG!

Defeat hordes of monsters and challenging bosses with full character customization, flashy skills, and an idle battle system! No time to play? No problem! Featuring offline progression, Sylpheed will continue fighting even when you’re AFK


Deo Carlo Rodil

Founder/Lead Designer/Lead Programmer/ Deus Ex Machina

Worked on 5 games since 2011

Lambert Ongkingco

Co-Founder / Art Director / Enlightened Tutor

Worked on over 20 games since 2009

Kevin Brian Valmonte

Founder / CEO / Overlord

Worked on 7 Games since 2011

Felix Palabrica

Co-Founder / Associate Producer / The Seer

Worked on 14 games since 2011

Philip Adrian Gungab

Co-Founder / Senior Artist / Dragon Warrior

Worked on 6 games since 2011